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Neufeld Farms Review by Creative Loafing

"Recently I was able to try to some dried raisins and cantaloupe from Neufield Farms in California.  I actually didn’t have a chance to try much because my kids gobbled them down.  There were a variety of juicy and flavorful raisins.  My kids’ favorites were the Jumbo Thompson raisins that tasted like figs.  They produce plums, peaches and even cantaloupe that…. you guessed it, actually taste like the fruit.  Organic and sulfate free, I think I’ve finally found a snack that I can enjoy." ~ Lael Hazan, of the noted Italian culinary Hazan family, currently teaches food history at their cooking school in Verona Italy, has a bi-monthly radio show on WSLR, 96.5 fm FOCUS ON FABULOUS FOOD, and is contributing editor of

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Neufeld Farms Review by Small Town Living Magazine/Website

We are always pleased to hear what consumers think when they taste some of our products. It was our pleasure to sit down and give Tina Wilson the details and give her a sample of what we offer. This is what she had to say:

Food Review: Neufeld Farms Raisins

February 23, 2010
By Tina Wilson
Located near Petaluma, California, Neufeld Farms strives for perfection in every bite of fruit that they produce.
Neufeld Farms was started in 1950 by Charles Neufeld in Durbin, California. The farm moved to its current location in Kingsburg, California in 1958.
Starting out with vegetable and fiber crops, the farm then expanded in 1980 to include fruit crops which consist of peaches, plums, pluots, nectarines, and grapes.
The farm now produces organically dried fruits in their facility in Petaluma, CA.
The fruits do not include any pesticide residues. Thorough testing is done to ensure that all fruit is absolutely pesticide free.
My family and I tried the following items produced by the farm: Zante currants, jumbo Thompson raisins, jumbo golden princess raisins, and the flame golden raisin.
We really enjoyed all of the varieties we tasted. The jumbo varieties are huge!…no rinky-dink little raisins here! Wonderful, fruity taste in every bite. In our household the jumbo Thompson won the first place vote for awesome taste, with the Zante currants running a very close second…but truly all of the varieties are winners in our book. It is so very nice to enjoy a food item that you can tell with every bite, attention to product quality and taste is a very important aspect of the finished product. We now know without a doubt where our raisins will be purchased from for our pantry.
Products produced by the farm include dried raisins in four different varieties: flame golden, jumbo golden princess, jumbo Thompson, regular sun-dried, and regular golden. They also produce dried Zante currants, apple rings, dried bing cherries, dried red pluots, dried white peaches, dried white nectarines, and extra fancy jumbo apricots.
Raisins are packed in 30 lb. boxes. Perfect for adding to your pantry bulk products. There are so many different ways that dried fruits can be used in your diet. Raisins can be added to your pancakes, oatmeal, homemade breads, even to stews and sauces, or of course eaten as is. Did you know? It takes approximately 4 1/2 pounds of grapes to create 1 pound of raisins. So dollar for dollar you are actually winding up with more product for your money.
Prices are as follows:
Flame golden- $2/lb.
Jumbo golden princess- $2/lb.
Jumbo Thompson- $2/lb.
Regular sun dried- $1.50/lb.
Regular golden- $1.75/lb.
*Zante currants*- available in 25 lb. boxes- $3/lb
Apple rings-$3.50/lb
Dried bing cherries- $2.50/lb. Chef grade $6/lb. extra fancy grade
Extra fancy jumbo apricots- $6/lb.
Red pluots- $3/lb.
White peaches- $3/lb.
White nectarines- $3/lb.
To order contact Neufeld Farms at:
For more information about raisins, and the other dried fruits/ Visit the Neufeld Farms Blog:

Food Review: Neufeld Farms Raisins