Monday, June 14, 2010

Neufeld Farms Review by Creative Loafing

"Recently I was able to try to some dried raisins and cantaloupe from Neufield Farms in California.  I actually didn’t have a chance to try much because my kids gobbled them down.  There were a variety of juicy and flavorful raisins.  My kids’ favorites were the Jumbo Thompson raisins that tasted like figs.  They produce plums, peaches and even cantaloupe that…. you guessed it, actually taste like the fruit.  Organic and sulfate free, I think I’ve finally found a snack that I can enjoy." ~ Lael Hazan, of the noted Italian culinary Hazan family, currently teaches food history at their cooking school in Verona Italy, has a bi-monthly radio show on WSLR, 96.5 fm FOCUS ON FABULOUS FOOD, and is contributing editor of

SourceCreative Loafing

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  1. your fruit looks great at farmers markets but you are so abrasive i feel pushed away every time. today 4/17/11 you were the worst which is strange because today was the first beautiful day of spring in weeks. people and i were asking you questions and you were so flippant, ignoring people, its like you are on speed and have a deep seated mental problem, (or poisoned from the chemicals you use on the fruit?) the sign saying the name of your farm was covered up, so i asked the name of the farm and said the sign was covered up but you ignored me. if you are the owner its weird you dont want sales. if you are an employee you should definiotely be fired. but i can tell by your assholeness you are the owner. pretty dumb cuz youre hurting sales. also the sample bottles are ridiculous because you cant shake out a sample. and your accent is too hard to understand. also the review above mentions organic peach, plum, canteloupe but i only saw sulfate free apricot.